7 Ways to Personalize Your School Uniform Skirt





7 Ways to Personalize Your School Uniform Skirt

By Ellen Shemesh 

School uniform skirts and dress code clothing have been the bane of existence for parochial school girls for generations. Some public schools have joined private schools in requiring students to wear uniforms.


Just because your school requires you to dress in a dress code skirt doesn’t mean that you can’t personalize your look. Just be sure that whatever you do is within your dress code.


Here are 7 ways to personalize your school uniform skirt:


1.       Use color. If your school has more than one color skirt, try to get at least two different ones. This will give you more options when it comes to creating outfits.


2.       Find the right style. Some schools offer more than one skirt style. Do you look better in a pencil skirt or something with pleats or front and side darts? Take the time to try on all of the styles and find the one(s) that are most flattering for you.


3.       Top it off. A top is a great way to change your look. If your school gives you freedom with the style of top you can express yourself here. Even if a basic item is required, you can shop around and find different colors, textures, or other uncommon details.  Unexpected elements in a top can make even the plainest skirt look special.


4.       Legwear options. Socks come in many colors, textures, patterns, and lengths. See what your dress code requires, and work within those parameters. You can wear knee socks or short socks folded or scrunched down. Try tights in the cooler weather and patterns, if permitted. Contrasting or complementary colors or patterns can give your basic uniform skirt the boost it needs.


5.       Bejewel yourself. Wearing jewelry always makes a girl feel special. Dangling earrings, a unique necklace or bangle bracelet can easily be used to add your personal style to your school uniform. Just be sure to keep the sparkles to a minimum—you’re going to school, not a party! A pin in your school colors can be added to your skirt to add some shine and interest.


6.       Watch your wrist. Even the strictest dress codes allow a watch. Choose details that you love and that express your style. Metal, plastic, or rhinestones are all details that will make you feel special. Texture or color on your wrist can make you feel special even in an everyday uniform skirt.


7.       It’s all in the bag. Whether you carry a purse, cross-body bag, or backpack, your bag can really show who you are. There are so many options to choose from. Find the one that fits your needs and carry your belongings in style.


8.       ***Bonus Tip*** Wear a special jacket or sweater. As the school year progresses and temperatures drop, a sweater or jacket is the perfect way to individualize your uniform skirt. Some dress codes permit non-uniform outerwear as long as they are in the school colors, so try and find a flattering style. If your school doesn’t have a rule about outerwear, you’re in luck! Find sweaters or jackets in styles, colors, or patterns that reflect your personality. The right jacket or sweater con compliment your uniform skirt and turn that simple piece into something special.





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