Are you an Apple or A Pear? Defining your Body Shape



Kosher Casual's Guide to Defining your Body Shape

Being able to define our body shape makes it much easier to find modest clothing styles, which enhance our appearance while still maintaining our modesty. So how do we define our body shape? There are several classic shapes that might be familiar to you.

Apple Shaped

Your upper and tummy section are larger than the rest of your body. Don't hide yourself away in baggy, shapeless clothes. Accentuate your strongest features. Empire line tops and dresses are flattering as are dropped waist or A-line skirts. Tunic tops are also a very important part of every 'Apple's' wardrobe.

Pear Shaped

Your hip, thighs and 'tush' are proportionally larger than the rest of you. As with every body shape you play to your strengths. Try different necklines to emphasis your upper body. Long jackets or tunics over slim skirts will break up your body shape. Flowing skirts and dresses look great but beware of skirts with lots of pleats, drapes and gathers.

Hourglass Figures

Full bust and hips with a small waist is the classic womanly shape. Belts and wrap around dresses will highlight your best features. Tailored outfits will flatter your assets, but anything too tight could look overtly sexual or at worst that it shrank in the wash!

Rectangular shaped

Tall and slim figures are familiar to those who watch the Fashion Collections each season as the models strut their stuff on the runways. In real life it can be more difficult to dress. Look for clothes to create an illusion of curves, avoid clothes that make you look long and shapeless. Dramatic sleeves and necklines are great for this body shape.


Triangles are full busted with small waist and hips, this was the silhouette of the 1980s with their shoulder pads and plunging necklines. In today's world, choose clothes that define your waist and highlight your hips and legs. Look for skirts or dresses with interesting hemlines to counterbalance your bust.

Always remember that whatever shape you are there is a style for you. Looking beautiful is not just about how you dress, it is about how you feel about yourself. That is what modest dressing is all about. Being comfortable in your own skin, and being confident in the way you dress, will make you feel wonderful no matter what the trend of the day is.

It's not about fruit. It's about defining your body shape and celebrating it! It's where Modest Meets Modern Meets Me.



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