Clear Out Your Closet!



It's that time of year again. The change in seasons should be a spur to clear out our closets. Can you actually remember the last time you did have a real clear out or are you like so many of us who just inhabit more clospace as the years roll by? As much as we would all love to have the fancy closystems in the magazines most of us need to deal with the limitations of what we actually have. Just a few simple steps will make all the difference to an overfull clothat is bursting at the seams.

The 6 Steps to a Contented Closet

Divide your clothes into Spring/Summer season and Fall/Winter season and deal with each season separately.

1. Be ruthless and remove any clothes that you have:
Not worn in over 12 months
No longer fit you - if they are too big or too small be realistic
You don't like anymore - those impulse buys can be very expensive if worn only once
You no longer need - lifestyles change and so do our clothing needs
Anything that has seen better days - worn, stretched or stained
Return all those borrowed clothes - your family and friends will be delighted to get them back

2. Reassess what is in your clo- Stage 1 was the easy bit this is where it gets tough
Prune - Just look at all those black skirts hanging there and consider how many do you really need? It's the same for sweaters, shirts, pants and especially shoes! Only keep the best and the most versatile.

3. Create outfits
 Look at the color palette and remove any items that do not fit in with the main color scheme of your wardrobe
Use the remaining clothes to create outfits for home, work and play. If you have items left over put them in the donate pile

4. Remove all the empty hangers and non-wearable junk that has been stored in your closet. Look at all the space you have now! Your clothes can finally breathe......
Remember clothes in good condition can be donated to charity or a thrift shop. Worn clothes can be sent for recycling

5. Arranging your clothes - The choice is yours
Everyone has their one preference as to how they arrange their clothes. Some choose to hang by:
Type - all the skirts together, then sweaters or tops, jackets etc
Color - color block your clothes by hanging the same shades together
Hybrid Type and Color - color block within each type of clothing
Outfit - hang together those outfits you created in step 3 so you are always ready to grab and go. If you have several outfits built around one skirt then hang the other pieces in the outfits in sequence behind the lead item.

6. Hanging your clothes with respect - you paid good money for them and if you treat them nicely they will work for you for much longer. Cedar balls and scented sachets will keep your closweet smelling and the moths away.
Hang all your tops. The only exception to this rule is heavy sweaters which should be folded in drawers or on shelves.
Skirts should be on skirt hangers
Pants should be hung from the ankle hems or use trouser hangers that will not leave marks.
Never leave clothes in the plastic bags from the dry cleaners, the static attracts dust and the chemicals used in cleaning need to evaporate away.
Folding scarves or underwear into drawers? Do not pile them up on top of each other rather fold them and place them like books side by side so you can easily see the colors
Not everyone has room for storing shoes in boxes. Shoe racks at the bottom of the cloare a good use of space. Some experts suggest putting one shoe of the pair toe first and the other heel first so you can immediately see the whole style.

Now your closets streamlined and ready for those few extra purchases you may need to make to keep it up to date.

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