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Color My World - Finding the Colors that work best for you
Sometimes we need to take stock of our wardrobes and look more closely at what works for us. You may not realize it but it's not just shape that is important, color is as important if not even more important than shape and style especially when choosing modest clothing.
Abandon any preconceived ideas you have about what colors suits you best. You may be in for a shock! There are plenty of color consultants who will be able to help you with every aspect of your wardrobe but here are some tips for those who want to go it alone!
The best place to begin is in your closet. Drape the different colors you already possess against your skin. If your clois all black you really do need some help. Go to your local paint store and get some color cards and hold them close to your face. They may be small but it is a start!
Anything that makes you look ill, pale, or clashes is to be ruled out straight away. You are looking for tones that enhance your skin, eyes and hair.
Color Seasons
Many consultants will talk to you about 'Color Seasons'. Depending on your hair, eye color and your skin tone you will find there is a particular seasonal range for you.
Wear deep and rich colors winter colors, if you're a brunette.
Wear bright spring colors, if you have pale skin and golden or strawberry blonde hair
Wear more demure and muted summer colors, if you have blonde hair and pale skin.
Wear autumn oranges, browns and olive greens, if you have ruddy skin tone. Autumns can be red-heads, have black hair or a combination of blond and brown hair.
Color Psychology
Color says a lot about you, who you are or how others perceive you.
Wear dark colors to convey authority and power. A splash of color should be worn otherwise you may look like a funeral director in search of new business.
Wear pastel colors to seem relaxed and friendly, there are plenty to choose from.
Mix colors to convey creativity. Complementary colors or even from the same color spectrum work best. Check out for a great way to put colors together.
Reds tend to vary on the messages they send out. Burgundy conveys sophistication, while blue-red conveys assertiveness. An orange-red would be worn by someone who is lively
Wear pinks to convey an open heart. Male Politicians often wear pink shirts or ties to express their softer, more approachable side especially if voters see them as aloof.
Wear whites to symbolize a new beginning. White in winter is stunning but it can also drain your skin tones and soiled whites can spoil your whole appearance.
Wear yellows to display warmth and optimism and oranges to display high energy. Citrus colors are not easy to wear so be careful when putting your outfit together especially with your skin tones.
Dress to impress
Going for a new job then dress to impress. According to color consultant,Angela Harris,
Red, Orange and Yellow are to be avoided as they are highly emotive colors.
Black may be authoritative but it can make you appear distant and domineering.
Blue, Grey and Brown give a sense of authority, and imply you are calm, trustworthy, and sensible. Apparently, according to studies people wearing blue are more likely to get the job than any other color!
So when it comes to choosing new clothes for your wardrobe think color!

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