How to Wear a Pencil Skirt



For many women, pencil skirts are a fashion staple- but for others, wearing a pencil skirt is a daunting undertaking as pairing the wrong top or accessories with a pencil skirt can create a potentially unflattering look. Nevertheless, a woman's pencil skirt can be one of the most versatile garments in her wardrobe, and can be worn in a myriad of ways for endless looks that will never become tiresome. Here are 7 ways to wear a pencil skirt- for day, evening, and every day of the week.

1- Go for a monochromatic look. Pairing a black pencil skirt with a black shirt and black accessories can create a slimming figure for most women. Black is always in fashion, and owning a black pencil skirt will create a viable outfit for nearly any occasion. Alternatively, coupling a white top with a white pencil skirt can create an urbane look that is sure to get noticed.

2- Belt it. Both wide belts and medium-width belts look fantastic with a pencil skirt. Choose a belt in a color that contrasts with your pencil skirt or one that blends well. Just make sure that the belt is cinched firmly around the waistline of the skirt to avoid a sloppy or unflattering finish.

3- Mix a colorful shirt with a solid pencil skirt. Bored of your monochrome pencil skirt? Liven up your look with a colorful shirt such as a wild floral print or a graphic design. Keep accessories simple so that the outfit remains bold without being overwhelming.

4- Go girly. Contrast the straight cut of any women's pencil skirt with a feminine blouse.

5- Tuck in your shirt. To create a long, lean appearance, tuck your shirt into the waist of your pencil skirt. This look is ideal for evening and offers a great way to create the appearance of a trim waistline. But short-waisted women beware: tucking a shirt into a pencil skirt can bisect your body and create a shorter appearance. If you're not sure whether this happens to you, consider asking an honest friend for their opinion.

6- Accessorize. Even a basic outfit can look classic with the proper accessories. Choose a bold handbag, bangle bracelets or a striking necklace which can complement the straight lines of the pencil skirt.

7- Consider your shoes. A pencil skirt can be dressed up or dressed down considerably depending on the shoes worn with it. Choose flats for work or a casual events or heels for an evening out. The flattering lines of a pencil skirt combined with the right shoes can enhance the look of your legs and create a long, lean silhouette.

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