Layering It Up, Layering It Down



So what is layering?  Layering is just about adding layers when it comes to getting dressed.  Layering can be about keeping warm, keeping cool, making a fashion statement or being modestly modern!  It gives you an incredible choice of combinations using clothes that no longer meet the fashion or modesty standards you are looking for. 

There are only 3 rules to remember when layering. Firstly, you should never wear more than three layers and secondly, you should always look for layering pieces that will not create bulk when worn under your statement item and lastly, color and pattern needs to be thought through when layering up.

Neck Lines

If overheating is a consideration then a little shrug worn under or over the sleeveless top may be a solution, or how about a cropped top with ¾ sleeves.  

There are also ¾ and full length sleeved layering tops to keep you covered and enhance your styling.

A pencil skirt or a layering dress could make all the difference.  Minimal bulk, maximum impact.  But skirts with dropped waists and gathers can also bring a totally new look to a shorter length dress. Layering up skirts that are too short can also be a great way to create a totally new look. Don’t forget leggings can change the whole feel of an outfit.

Sometimes neck lines can be too wide or too low; sometimes they can be both at the same time.  There are numerous ways to cover the cleavage!  Filling in a neck line is not complicated, there are ‘TeeNecks’™ a ‘Dickie’ that will fill the gap.  

Another option is an updated version of the cropped tank top with elasticated hems that fit under the bust and stay firmly in place.  

For those that prefer a longer look try a layering tank top that is fitted.  If the over top is short, select a longer tank that can show under it and make a fashion statement whilst bridging the gap with your skirt and pants.  This is also a good way to break up an outfit that is too much of one color.  Add a splash of something to make it zing – even an inch or two will make an incredible difference.

Sleeve Lengths

Sleeveless tops or tops with short or cap sleeves may not be modest enough for you or they are just not flattering to those with fuller arms.  There are a wide range of layering tops in different sleeve lengths to choose from.   

For those who just want to extend the length of the sleeve then ‘Sleevies’™ a shaped sleeve-like tube that is elasticated at the top is the perfect solution. Pull it on and the elastic will keep it from slipping.  


So you fell in love with a skirt or a dress that is just tooooooooo short for you.  Don’t give it up just think about the great layering solutions that are out there. 

Over and Under

You don’t have to wear layering pieces under your clothes.  Ring in the changes with a tank worn over a tailored shirt with the shirt tails showing for a really preppy look.

Color and Prints

When you put together an outfit for everyday or a special occasion you want to create a certain look.  This is particularly true when layering up or down.  Colors need to work together and too many contrasting prints can make you look like a walking advertisement for your local fabric supply shop.  Don’t overwork your look.  Less is more.

Kosher Casual has some incredible layering pieces that will put new life into your wardrobe and not break the bank.  Check out for all those important pieces from Kosher Casual the layering specialists that will pull your whole outfit together!

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