Modest Fashion Must Haves for Every Woman



If you've ever thought that modest clothing can't be fashionable…think again. Lately, the fashion industry has taken to replacing thigh skimming minis with down to the ground maxi skirts. Gone are the days where showing skin is in. Demure and ladylike looks are gracing the red carpets and front pages of magazines everywhere. And with more modestly dressed characters on TV, it's refreshing to see women nationwide (and worldwide) following suit.

If you're looking to embrace today's trendy modest fashions, you're not alone. Here is a list of the top ten modest fashion must haves to keep you looking stylish for any occasion.

1) Perhaps the most essential article in a modest wardrobe, a long black skirt can be worn anywhere and with anything. Throw on a sweater to run some errands or dress it up with a great colorful top. Not only is this sleek and simple modest fashion essential easy to wear but it is perfect for hiding those few extra pounds you may have put on during the holidays!
2) The ultimate layering tool, long sleeve tees are a fashion must have all year round. They transform everything from sleeveless summer tops and strapless sundresses to low cut sweaters and blouses, into stylish, yet modest apparel. Start with the basics, white and black, and see where your wardrobe takes you.
3) While you can't always control the temperature, you can always come prepared, and a button-down cardigan is the most universal solution to any draft. Worn over a shirt to keep warm or over a sleeveless top or dress, a cardigan is a fun addition to any outfit. A black basic is essential, BUT a colorful print or bright colored cardigan can add some pop to your winter wear, brightening your style and your mood.
4) Whether you see 'em or you don't, there is no question that leggings are one of the top modest fashion must haves – and are essential even if you're not specifically looking to dress modestly. Perfect when you are sporting a long skirt and looking for some extra warmth, or a knee-length skirt and a trendy pair of boots, leggings are a stylish and comfortable alternative to tights or stockings.
5) While ankle-length skirts are an obvious modest fashion staple, they don't always provide ultimate comfort and flexibility. However, knee-length skirts in a dark color, are both versatile and comfortable, and can also be worn with anything. And just like a great pair of jeans, the right knee-length skirts can be dressed up or dressed down and worn with nearly any shirt or accessories. Dark knee length skirts are great in the winter when paired with leggings and boots or in the summer with sandals.
6) Whether it is a coveted necklace or a trendy cocktail ring, all women need those beloved jewels – the ones that you plan the outfit around. Remember jewelry can be a simple and every day accessory that pulls a look together or a bold piece that serves as the centerpiece of your look.
7) Finding something to wear to a night out that is both stylish and modest is not always easy. But a nice shrug or bolero jacket can be the perfect fashionable solution, converting a dressier piece into an appropriate one or turning an immodest piece into a completely modest fashion.
8) For the modest woman, a nice pair of leather boots is a must. They look great if you wear them with a short skirt or when they poke out under a long skirt. And, of course, boots add an extra layer of warmth against the winter's cold.
9) Layered under a sweater or blazer for a pretty preppy look or even as a standalone classic, a crisp white button down shirt is easy and wearable for work or play. Look for a wrinkle-free material to keep your ironing to a minimum.
10) The final touch for any woman is a stylish shawl or wrap that can be worn both instead of a coat and as a way to add sophistication to any outfit. A shawl designed with a pattern across the back (especially one with embroidery or beading) is an easy way to wrap up any solid outfit, while a solid wrap can tone down a 'loud' ensemble.

These top ten modest fashion must haves will not only keep you looking great- they will keep your wardrobe versatile and functional, taking your clothes from day to night and from one season to the next so that you'll always look stylish!

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