Modest Clothing Articles

7 Ways to Personalize Your School Uniform Skirt

School uniform skirts and dress code clothing have been the bane of existence for parochial school girls for generations

Layering It Up, Layering It Down

Layering is just about adding layers when it comes to getting dressed. Layering can be about keeping warm, keeping cool, making a fashion statement or being modestly modern!

You're Never Too Young to be a Modest Fashionista

Dressing a young girl today can be a minefield. Girls today need more clothes than ever. Most schools do not have school uniforms or dress codes, so Mom has to shop for clothing for everyday as well as weekends, holidays and special events. Girls today are bombarded with ads on TV, billboards, the internet, magazines ...

Clear Out Your Closet!

The 6 Steps to a Contented Closet. It's that time of year again. The change in seasons should be a spur to clear out our closets ...

The Sizing Minefield

Getting the Right Fit For You. Why is it that when you go to buy a skirt, even though they all have the same size label, some skirts are so small they would only fit an 8 year old ...

The 10 Essentials in Any Woman's Modest Closet

Ever heard the expression 'Capsule Wardrobe'? A Capsule Wardrobe is a mix and match of clothes that can be adapted for any occasion. She envisioned a collection of about 30 pieces that could take you to work, dinner or the supermarket. She had two rules: less was more and that quality counted over quantity...

Color My World

Finding the colors that work best for you. Sometimes we need to take stock of our wardrobes and look more closely at what works for us. You may not realize it but it's not just shape that is important ...

Are you an Apple or A Pear? Defining your Body Shape

Kosher Casual's Guide to Defining your Body Shape. It's not about fruit. It's about defining your body shape and celebrating it! It's where Modest Meets Modern Meets Me.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes - Modest Clothing

Modest clothing is more than just putting faith into fashion. It is about a life philosophy which presents itself outwardly in the clothing we wear ...

Modest Fashion Must Haves for Every Woman

These top ten modest fashion must haves will not only keep you looking great- they will keep your wardrobe versatile and functional, taking your clothes from day to night and from one season to the next so that you'll always look stylish!

How to Wear a Pencil Skirt

Discover 7 ways to wear a pencil skirt and look fashionable (and modest from day to night). Wearing a pencil skirt has never been easier!

5 Benefits of a School Dress Code

Unsure whether a school dress code will be a good thing for your child? Kosher Casual offers 5 benefits of school dress codes.

The Ultimate Long Skirt Dictionary

Long skirts are a great wardrobe choice for many reasons. When chosen carefully they are versatile, modest, comfortable and, of course, very stylish. Paired with the wrong ensemble or body type, however, and they can become decidedly unflattering. Knowing what to look for when shopping for a long....