The 10 Essentials in Any Woman's Modest Closet



The 10 Essentials in Any Woman's Modest Closet
Ever heard the expression 'Capsule Wardrobe'?
Boutique owner, Susie Faux, came up with the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe back in the 1970s. A Capsule Wardrobe is a mix and match of clothes that can be adapted for any occasion. She envisioned a collection of about 30 pieces that could take you to work, dinner or the supermarket. She had two rules: less was more and that quality counted over quantity.
We thought it would be fun to put together a list of the 10 essential items that every modest modern dresser would need as a starting point
1. Knee Length Pencil Skirt
2. Layering Dress
3. 3 4 Sleeve Length Layering Top
4. Long Sleeve Layering top
5. Denim Skirt
6. Tunic Top
7. Long Skirt
8. Tailored Shirt
9. Workout Skirt
10 Tailored Jacket
The rest is up to you. Sweaters, cardigans, dressy tops and skirts are just waiting to be added.
So Where Do You Start?
You start in your own closet! Go through and see what you already have. Select as many of the essential items listed above as you can from there. You will be surprised at how many you have. Sometimes they just get lost in the crowd of your other clothes.
Make it into a party night. Invite over a few good friends who will tell you honestly what looks good on you and what may have seemed like a good idea at the time but no longer works for you.
Stage one is to divide your clothes into skirts, pants, jackets, tops, sweaters and dresses. Go through them and see what you really like. Be ruthless! The old, tired, stretched out styles go straight to the recycling bin. Donate the clothes that no longer fit to your local charity/thrift shop or sell them on eBay. Don't keep anything through sentiment. If you have not worn it in the past year get rid of it. If it needs repairing think hard. Will you actually fix it or will it still be there next month waiting for something to happen?
Stage two is to decide on a color scheme and then go through your clothes a second time. Keep remembering that less is more. I know when it comes to modesty we prefer more rather than less but this is the exception that breaks that rule!
Stage three is to make a list of what you need (that's need not want) and the color palette you are working too.
The beauty of the 10 essential modest pieces is that you can turn a less than modest item in your clointo an outfit that fits the new modern modest you by layering up. They will also give you a wider range of new options when choosing any new clothes for your Capsule Wardrobe.
The Fun Bit
Shopping! First of all you need to ensure you have your 10 essential modest pieces. If there are gaps fill that before buying anything else. Stick to the list. Avoid impulse buys that's what clogged up your cloin the first place. In a Capsule Wardrobe everything has to work together, so consider if that statement piece you just fell in love with will fit in your overall plan. Keep Susie Faux's rules at the forefront of your mind. Your first stop should then be Kosher Casual who focus on life's basics for modest clothing for the modern lifestyle.
A great way of changing a look is with accessories. Belts, shoes, bags, scarves, sunglasses and jewellery can make an outfit. They can also break one. Remember when styling an outfit that less is more in this case too. But accessories will bring a splash of color, a different mood and look to any outfit.
Once you have uncluttered your cloyou will actually feel lighter, sometimes having too much can actually weigh us down. Your new Capsule Wardrobe will give you a new confidence when stepping out into the world. The thought you have put into what you wear will make dressing for every occasion a pleasure not a chore. So just go out and enjoy

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