You're Never Too Young to be a Modest Fashionista



Dressing a young girl today can be a minefield. Girls today need more clothes than ever. Most schools do not have school uniforms or dress codes, so Mom has to shop for clothing for everyday as well as weekends, holidays and special events. Girls today are bombarded with ads on TV, billboards, the internet, magazines and don't forget peer pressure. They have minds of their own and many can start their fashion editorial careers as young as three years old!
Visit any of the major stores and you will see clothing on display from Little House on the Prairie (whimsical) to jail bait (bad enough when you are 14 but outrageous when you're only 5 years old).
If you want your girls to dress modestly then it becomes even more difficult. Hemlines for young girls tend to be too short and there is a limit to how big a size you can put on a little one before she looks like she shrank in the wash.
Fortunately today there are some gorgeous styles out there for our junior modest fashionistas. If there is nowhere in your town to shop try shopping on-line. It is so easy and your girls can join in choosing what they want to wear. One of your first stops should be
At Kosher Casual we understand your girls want to look trendy but still maintain their modesty and the innocence of childhood. We have put together a great selection of styles at great prices.
All our style pages have measurement charts at the bottom so you can ensure that the knee length skirts really do cover their knees and that the long skirts are not so long that the girls look like their melting into the ground.
The selection of skirt shapes is enormous and come in a wide range of fabrics and colors. Our skirts have elasticated waists or soft folded waists that stretch gently to fit.
Many of Kosher Casual's denim skirts have elastic and buttons inside the waistbands so that they can be adjusted to fit smaller waists and give you growing room
When it comes to layering tops we have three different sleeve lengths from elbow, to ¾, to full length with necklines that are high but without the feeling that they are strangling. We are also conscious of body shape and make layering styles in narrow fit, to go under tops and dresses without bulk, as well as looser fitting tops that are not figure hugging.
Whilst we do not make skirts especially for climbing trees in, we do make cycle shorts and leggings to go under skirts and we have a workout skirt for age ten and above that actually has built in leggings. This skirt is made of a special lightweight, breathable fabric that you can also swim in. For the really style conscious junior there is even a matching swim top!
Whether your girls need something for school, rest or play then Kosher Casual have the perfect style for her.
Remember, if she wants something that might not meet your criteria of modest we have clothes and accessories that will turn it into an outfit you will be proud to see her in.
Today, you are never too young to be a modest fashionista and Kosher Casual will be there to grow up with you.

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